5 Highlights of London Ruby Unconference 2018

Thanks to all the Ruby lovers who participated this year in our annual event, the London Ruby Unconference 2018, and our incredible volunteer crew and contributors, who helped us and gave us the best energy in all the sessions scheduled!

If you missed it, below you can read about 5 highlights from the event:

  1. Kick-off meeting and talks programming

This year we achieved once again the main goal of the event: celebrate our love for Ruby, for programming, and for the Ruby Community to meet up and learn new things from each other while making new friends. Unlike a normal conference, at the Unconference there was no pre-planned agenda, no central organisation, no fixed speakers, and it was free! The main topics categories were: Developer Mentoring, Learning from Other languages, Design Architectures, Ruby Toolbox and Miscellaneous.

We had fifteen sessions in total, organised in 5 parallel tracks, with 5 hands-on workshops and 15 different one-hour sessions.

2. Ruby lovers attendees

According to our event register, we have realised our core people is represented as follow: 47% are developers, 8% Chief Technical Officers (CTOs), 7% lead developers, 7% senior developers, 7% contractors, 7% company founders, directors, heads of development or managers, with the remaining 16% in different roles. We are delighted to see a very diverse and experienced group of people attending because for the unconference is important to have people who can contribute different angles to the topics to be discussed.

3. Summary of topics

Developer Mentoring

  1. Master programming with Flashcards

Learning from Other languages

3. JS frameworks

4. Ruby vs Python

Design Architectures

5. Practical Event Sourcing

6. Thinking algebraically with Ruby

Ruby Toolbox

7. Arel, A Relational Algebra

8. Logic Programming with Ruby and Z3

9. Stripe Payments

10. Crypto and Networking in Ruby

11. Protobuf RPC in Ruby

12. Encrypted databases


13. Technical Debt

14. Why Symbol#to_proc works and more

15. Ruby on Windows

4. Amazing partnership

Codescrum is the event organiser and as in the previous years, it supports the marketing of the event, coordinates the operation on the day and sponsors the drinks at the bar at the end. We had the amazing support of Carwow, which is the venue sponsor, early this year it moved to a new office, 5 minutes walk from Victoria Tube Station in London. As a company, Carwow helps to connect car buyers to car dealers to make the process as efficient and cost-effective as possible while allowing consumers to interact with an official dealer throughout the transaction process.

Likewise, we were supported by an incredible volunteer crew from carwow, Streetbees and BookingBug and Codescrum. Thank you so much for all of them:

Jance Wong and Jayson Wong from Carwow,

Joe Shadenburg from Carwow,

Joseph Huang from Streetbees,

Jakub Adler from BookingBug, and

Jairo Diaz from Codescrum

5. Making Ruby Friends

We loved to hear some comments from our Ruby Lovers that had been actively involved in workshops and attending the talks:

Great day at the #LRUN yesterday. I have met great people, shared and learned loads. A big thank you to everyone involved! Evangelia Koleii

Had the best time at #LRUN talking to @feyeleanor about eventually consistent linked-list time ledgers, Christianity across two time dimensions, and cryptographic eye lasers. Simon George

We hope that all who attended learned new skills had a great time with friends and enjoyed the drinks at the bar.

See you all at the last Ruby Hacknight next week on the 20th of November near Bank Tube Station, follow this link to the event!

We make the unthinkable possible by understanding our client company’s problems, envisioning how software solves them and delivering the right result.

We make the unthinkable possible by understanding our client company’s problems, envisioning how software solves them and delivering the right result.