Amazon vs Shopify: Which Platform Is The Best For Your Business?

5 min readMar 3, 2021

Shopify and Amazon are giants in the e-commerce world, but which one is better for your business?

Shopify and Amazon offer excellent e-commerce solutions, and both platforms are popular. By June 2019, Shopify had hosted 820,000 merchants. Amazon’s figures are less precise, but according to SellerApp, more than 2.5 million sellers have products listed on the e-commerce platform.

While both platforms offer potentially large exposure, the benefits and challenges of selling through them are unique, so businesses must choose the platform that works best for their needs, products and selling methods.

Shopify Advantages

Shopify is the cheapest, easiest, and most convenient way for someone who doesn’t want to deal with any code to set up a store and start selling right away. Go with Shopify if you’re non-tech, just starting out, selling standard items, want your own e-commerce store, and have outgrown a marketplace like eBay or Amazon.

1. Much better UX/UI… for the right customer

Shopify is very clear who its customers are and if you are the type of business that fits its customer profile you are going to love Shopify much more than any other self-hosted e-commerce platform as it gives a better user experience.

2. Much more economical at the beginning

A one-year subscription, at the lowest tier, is about USD$348, including cloud hosting and customer support. Technically, if you use open-source e-commerce alternatives, you will only pay for hosting, which can be as low as USD$80 per annum since the software is free, but if you want to be on a par with Shopify stores, you probably need some professional help setting it up. This can cost up to thousands of dollars.

3. Really good app integrations with SaaS services

SaaS e-commerce service companies love Shopify because they have a customer base that is familiar with paying for services monthly. That’s why you’ll most probably always find the innovative new service you need on Shopify before anywhere else, and some of them offer very good free plans…


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