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  • Tom Gallagher

    Tom Gallagher

    Ruby on Rails / iOS / Android Developer. Co-founder of https://t.co/Blf35uqWlS

  • Shyaam Deshmukh

    Shyaam Deshmukh

    presenting sum parts of my algorithmic life. also find me at @Shyaam

  • Dominic Campbell

    Dominic Campbell

    CEO @FutureGov | Designing Public Services for the Digital Age

  • jitendra rajpurohit

    jitendra rajpurohit

  • Javascript Chile

    Javascript Chile

    Comunidad Javascript en Chile, organizamos el meetupJS en santiago

  • armeniopinto


  • kapil raj nakhwa

    kapil raj nakhwa

    Ruby enthusiast and a rails developer . Building Idea's into successful products at http://jyaasa.com . Ruby on rails mentor at Broadway Infosys

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