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  • Ariel Beery

    Ariel Beery

    An avid fan of the future and believer in human initiative to build a better world. Founder and builder of businesses to better the planet.

  • Guy Maliar

    Guy Maliar

    Co-founder @ Gluework | Software Engineer | Google Developer Expert

  • Miles


    Global CTO @ Cookpad, #dad, #ruby, #rails, #leanstartup, ex-#sound-engineer, #whisky

  • CoinLoan


    CoinLoan is a Crypto Lending Platform

  • George Good

    George Good

    Software developer, Ruby on Rails, TDD

  • Julee Morrison

    Julee Morrison

    A Quirky, Dorky, Virginia transplant with an appetite to taste the world, meet its desserts, and #blog about them. #Food #travel #Reviews ♫♥♪

  • Anson Kelly

    Anson Kelly

  • ashutosh singh

    ashutosh singh

    software engineer by profession,thinker,nationalist!!!

  • Jamie


    If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

  • Insomnia REST Client

    Insomnia REST Client

    Organize, execute, and debug HTTP requests in a simple and elegant cross-platform desktop app.

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